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Is this a turning point for Comic-Con in San Diego? Major studios pull out, actors strike looms

There will be a big absence at Comic-Con International this year and, chances are, star power might face an Avengers-level crisis.

Marvel Studios, the convention’s biggest attention-grabber every year, has said it is not coming to San Diego. It leaves a big hole in the lineup, along with a few other studios that said they are staying away.

Another complication: The actors guild could go on strike soon, which would prevent stars from appearing on panels for upcoming blockbusters. Writers, who have been on strike since May, will be missing.

For the average San Diegan who doesn’t go to the convention, it might be hard to tell if anything is different. There will still be promotional wraps of buildings downtown, a bunch of free installations outside and more than 135,000 people jamming into restaurants, Airbnbs and hotels.

Carl Winston, founding director of the Payne School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at San Diego State University, said it’s important to remember Comic-Con takes place in July when the hospitality industry doesn’t necessarily need help attracting tourists.

He said it’s unlikely the tourism industry will notice any change, and it would be odd if attendees suddenly had a change of heart about the convention. Winston said the appeal of the event goes beyond Hollywood, which has embraced the convention as a place to promote movies and TV shows.

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