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about TTMA

TTMA's goal is to enhance the effectiveness and knowledge of professionals working in the travel and tourism industry. We seek to accomplish this by educating and updating our members in the areas of marketing, trends, communications, tourism research and planning skills and by bridging the gap of understanding between these highly interrelated specialty areas in the travel industry today.

Our Objective:

  • To provide a community network within the Travel & Tourism industry that includes Hospitality, Attractions, Entertainment, DMOs, Meetings & Conventions, Transportation, Retail, Culinary & More.

  • To serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among travel and tourism professionals.

  • To encourage the educational, professional development of those involved in & pursuing careers in travel and tourism; as well as attracting new talent. 

  • To promote high quality, credible and effective marketing applications & opportunities in the travel 

  • and tourism industry.

  • To facilitate cooperation between producers and users of travel and tourism marketing research.

  • To advocate the effective use of marketing research in the decision-making process of providing quality services and products to the travel and tourism industry.

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