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Shift in Strategy: Four Bleisure Must-Haves That Hotel Brands Should Consider

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With nearly 81 percent of business travelers extending their time to include leisure travel activities and many remote workers taking the chance to work from other destinations for “workcations,” hotels should look to the following traveler trends to evaluate how they can best serve guests staying at their properties. Extended stay offerings for bleisure travelers focus on affordable and well-placed accommodations that provide the conveniences of a traditional hotel while saving costs associated with short-term rentals. Upgrading guest units with amenities like in-room ice makers, stovetops, and washers/dryers enhances value and differentiates from competitors. Amenities supporting livability, such as high-speed WiFi, quiet workspaces, and leisure facilities, cater to the evolving work-from-anywhere lifestyle. Finally, creating community-inspired spaces, personalized experiences, and offering studio suites that balance cost-efficiency with comfort are essential for providing a memorable bleisure travel experience.


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