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CSUN April 16 Event

We are planning a very special TTMA event Tuesday, April 16. 

TTMA and CSUN are joining together on the CSUN campus.  TTMA is recognizing the critical role of today’s college students in the future of our industry, and as an extension of our CSUN scholarship program. We are holding an interactive luncheon event with CSUN tourism and hospitality students and faculty at the CSUN Orchard Conference facility in Northridge.

After networking, the program will start with a tasty buffet luncheon, followed by a panel of 3 TTMA members and 3 CSUN students asking each other predeveloped and pre-shared questions.  There will be time for audience Q + A. 

Next, we’ll break into small groups at round tables with TTMA and CSUN students for more in-depth discussions. Each table will be staffed by a TTMA industry professional and by sector, e.g., DMOs, lodging, attractions, media/communications, arts/culture, etc.

TTMA is asking of members and industry professionals:

  • Please attend!! We really want a good showing of our industry members to support the students!

  • Submit key questions you think we should ask students to help them think about our industry and where they might fit in when they graduate. 

  • Email to: Lauren Schlau, 

  • Volunteer to staff an industry sector discussion table more than one of you can staff a table; again, email Lauren to staff a table discussion

  • Help sponsor the event –even $50 will help.  We will recognize you/your company in event materials and at the event.  TTMA is helping to subsidize the students so they can have lunch together with us and attend free of charge. 

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